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Launch event for the GCF : Readiness project "Enhancing Access to Climate Finance in Morocco's Regions


GGGI is pleased to  announce the launch of a GCF Readiness project "Enhancing Access to  Climate Finance in Morocco's Regions" as a delivery partner for the  Government of Morocco. The project is conducted in partnership with the  Ministry of Interior; the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Environment -  Department of Environment; and the 4C, and with E. Co and Mr. Ludwig  Liagre as technical partners for implementation.

The Readiness  project will support regional governments in accessing climate finance  and structuring bankable projects though the design of a National  Financing Vehicle as a blended climate finance mechanism, and through  the development of a sub-national climate finance capacity building  program for pipeline development to be implemented in collaboration with  the 4C Maroc. 

The project aims to support the Government in the  development of inclusive green territories in order to contribute to  the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) 2030 targets of a national  overall GHG emission reductions of 42% below business-as-usual (BAU)  emissions, and the closing of the green investment gap of USD24 billion  in conditional investments.

Source : 4C Maroc
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