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Interntional workshop on Capacity Building and the implementation of the Paris Agreement

The conference was organized with the technical support of the Climate Change Competences Centre of Morocco “4C Maroc” and the German International Cooperation (GIZ).

In the upstream of Bonn intersession (May 2017), the workshop aims to enrich discussions and gather results-oriented recommendations to feed into the PCCB upcoming meetings, especially for 2017, focused on the implementation of the Paris Agreement, and the interlinks between capacity building efforts and the NDCs. Thus, the workshop will focus on technical inputs and perspectives from officials, international organizations and climate change experts and networks on: 

- Different approaches to analyze capacity building in the NDCs;

- Existing capacity building experiences and lessons learned so far; 

- Financial aspects for capacity building implementation under an efficient and transparence framework; 

- Mechanisms for synergies and harmonization of actions on capacity building and the implementation of the Paris Agreement; 

The workshop have also opened the debate on the role of international and regional climate change centers and networks for capacity building delivery under the Paris Agreement, and how they can provide scientific and technical quality support to countries and empower cooperation and knowledge sharing.

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