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Information meeting on the results of COP24

The Department of Environment organized a meeting of information on Friday 25 January 2019 on the results of COP 24 and Morocco's participation in this UN conference. The Moroccan delegation affirmed at this meeting, the commitment of the Kingdom of Morocco to continue its mobilization and its influence and dynamics inspired by the High Orientations of His Majesty King Mohamed VI, in particular through the message addressed to the participants of COP 24. This meeting was marked by two presentations, successively focused on the participation of the Moroccan delegation and its main results as well as national projects against climate change. The main recommendations were as follows: The organization of a monthly meeting at the headquarters of the various ministries to inform and explain both the challenges of climate change and the possible opportunities for financing projects for both adaptation and mitigation to the impacts of climate change. (to be implemented, inter alia, within the framework of the NDC). Planning and operationalization of the capacity building program, by the Climate Change Competence Center (4C Maroc), the different actors in negotiation, definition of vulnerability indicators, soft territorial carbon planning ... 4C Maroc is also called upon to play a very important role in both the capacity building of African partners and in the operationalization of the activities of the three sub regional commissions created during COP 22 (in the Sahel region, the Congo Basin and Island States). 4C Maroc also plans for digital capacity building, a program that will be carried out with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Partnership with the territories for the implementation of the NDC at the regional level The establishment of a governance mechanism at the institutional level of the Climate Change Commission, the Interministerial Committee for Climate Negotiations (CINC) ....

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