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Private Sector platform (CSP)

About the Private Sector Platform

The national context is nowadays characterized by a strong dynamic and an increased mobilization of economic and financial actors for a climate transition.

4C Maroc has thus set up a Private Sector Platform (CSP) whose main role is to provide private sector companies and professional organizations with capacity building, study and monitoring services in order to support and stimulate this transition.


4C Maroc CGEM.jpg

The presidency of the CSP is devolved to the Confederation of Moroccan Companies (CGEM) in the person of Mr. Mohamed Chaïbi, President of the Coalition for the Valorization of Waste (COVAD) and member of the Green Economy Commission of the CGEM. The vice-presidency falls to Mr. Mohamed El Amrani, General Secretary of the Energy Federation.

The CSP includes representatives of several companies from the private sector, the financial sector but also organizations and professional chambers working in the fields of environmental protection, nature conservation and climate change at the national, regional and local levels.

The members of the platform represent the voice of the entire private sector.

In order to carry out the assigned missions, the platform has organized itself into 2 commissions:

  • the climate finance commission;

  • the climate resilient economy commission.


Putting the national economic and financial sectors on a competitive, low-carbon and climate-resilient development trajectory

Promote the development of new green industrial sectors by taking advantage of the significant investments programmed under the NDC and the national adaptation plan.

Propose legislative, regulatory and fiscal measures to improve the coherence and implementation of public climate change policies and the achievement of Morocco's commitments under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the SDGs of the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development

Create a framework for institutional dialogue on sharing best practices and technologies for climate change adaptation and mitigation in the economic and financial sector

Strengthen national capacities to capture green finance

Strengthen the international networking of national companies in the field of R&D and climate change

Contribute to the influence and competitiveness of the economic and financial fabric in the climate transition at the continental and international level

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