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Civil Society Platform (CSC)


In accordance with the constitutional principle relating to participatory democracy, the 4C Maroc includes, among its 4 platforms, one dedicated to civil society. Its main role is to work for a better awareness of the climate threat and its integration in public policies and in the behavior of citizens.


Its field of action covers the entire national territory and radiates at the international level, with priority for Africa and Arab countries.

Its ambition is to play a leadership role in federating, organizing, assisting and supporting the main components of the civil society working in the various fields of the environment and particularly in the field of climate change while advocating to influence public policy decision-makers and promoting generalized and transparent information targeting citizens.


Improve understanding of the environmental associative movement in all its institutional, legal, conceptual and operational capacities. The aim is to raise the level of the national environmental civil society index.

Advocate to the public authorities the implementation of the principle of participatory democracy in the field of sustainable development, in general, and in the field of environment and climate, in particular. This advocacy should be based on the enactment of the necessary laws, the development of strategies and operating methods.

Advocate to local development actors, particularly local authorities and professional organizations of the private sector, the appropriation of climate change and its integration into their programs of activity.

Development of research, training and technological practices through the production and dissemination of audio-visual media, meeting the needs of environmental actors and citizens.


The following NGOs are members of the civil society platform:

  • Association of Teachers of Life and Earth Sciences (AESVT)

  • Association of Moroccan Environment Journalists (AJME)

  • Ribath el Fath Association for Sustainable Development (ARFDD).

  • Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment (FM6E)

  • Observatory for the Protection of the Environment and Historic Monuments of Tangier (OPEMH)

  • Network of development associations of south-eastern oasis (RADOSE)

The platform members have varied and complementary backgrounds but share the same values and ambition to lead the way of environmental civil society for the sustainable development of the country.

The presidency of the Civil Society Platform is devolved to the Observatory for the Protection of the Environment and Historic Monuments of Tangier in the person of its Vice-President, Mr. Said Chakri, and the vice-presidency of the college falls to Mr. Abdelhadi Bennis, President of the Environment Club of the Ribat Al Fath Association for Sustainable Development.

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