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Who we are?

Who are we?

4C Maroc is a national platform for dialogue and capacity building for the various actors and a hub for climate change information open to its regional, African and international environment. In its actions, priority will be given to supporting the National Commission on Climate Change, the 4 member platforms (“colleges”) of 4C Maroc, and the 3 Climate Commissions in Africa.

In addition to the programmed skills-building activities, 4C Maroc has a training catalogue and can set up and run "à la carte or on-demand training" according to the needs expressed by the beneficiaries or the donors.

As part of the deployment of 4C Maroc's skills in Africa, several agreements have been concluded with Moroccan, African and international partners.

The "4C Maroc" Public Interest Group, created prior to COP 22 by joint order of the Ministers of Finance and the Environment on October 5, 2016, brings together some thirty institutional actors from diverse backgrounds involved in the fight against the adverse effects of climate change.

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Word from the Director of 4C Maroc, Ms Rajae Chafil

Since the official creation of 4C Maroc upstream from COP 22 (Marrakech 2016), many activities have been undertaken, whether to perfect the institutionalization of the center or in the context of the accomplishment of important missions which have been entrusted to 4C Maroc.

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Platforms of 4C Maroc

Preparation for international climate negotiations

Integration of Climate Change into national policies

Supporting territories for climate resilient territorial policies

public administrations
& local authorities

Private Sector &
Public & Semi-Public

Supporting the accreditation of entities for climate finance

Supporting project development

Supporting access to climate finance

Supporting the development of a low-carbon economy

Supporting research-innovation

Supporting content improvement in national reports

Climate watch and support to decision making

Expertise & Training

4 Colléges (FR).png

Civil Society

Awareness & education

Improving participation in national and international climate processes

Our missions

Our missions

The constitutive convention of the GIP defines the four missions of 4C Maroc. These 4 missions are deployed according to specific programs that meet the different needs of the beneficiaries in terms of strengthening resilience to the adverse effects of climate change.


Contribute to building the capacity of national actors in climate change


Develop support tools for decision making in matters related to climate change


Capitalize information / knowledge / know-how on vulnerability, adaptation, mitigation and finance related to climate change


Contribute to the global effort on climate change by networking, sharing experiences and establishing a technological and scientific watch

The 5 fundamental pillars of the 4C Maroc Action Plan


Accurate identification of all actors involved in skills enhancement


Knowledge of the needs of these different types of actors; including in relation to some specific themes


Prioritization to make choices, and prioritize certain strategic actions related in particular to the implementation of the NDC and other commitments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


Sustainability of capacity building activities through mainstreaming in planning processes


Evaluation of the relevance of the resources deployed and the impacts

Priorities for action

The deployment of the action of the 4C Maroc Center will be carried out within the framework of 5 complementary programs.

Program 1

Support for the implementation of climate commitments

Program 2

Partnership and territorialization of climate action

Program 3

South-South cooperation

Program 4

Support for taking climate change into account in development policies

Program 5

Monitoring and Communication on Climate Change

The projects supporting 4C Maroc

4C-GIZ Project

The 4C-GIZ project provides support for the development of Morocco's climate protection policy and the national green investment plan. The anchoring of the project within the MInistry of Energy, Mines and Environnement and the establishment of an independent Climate Change Competence Center (4C Maroc) define a sustainable institutional framework. The project analyzes the training needs of climate change actors and proposes the necessary training.The project collects and disseminates good practices and develops tools for sustainable knowledge management. These instruments include climate databases, indicators of vulnerability to the negative impacts of climate change, and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions. At the international level, the project supports South-South cooperation and triangular cooperation with African partners of the Climate Change Competence Center.


4C-PNUD Project

The 4C Maroc operational reinforcement project (RO4C) aims to provide technical assistance and support the country's efforts to adapt to new international challenges through the implementation and monitoring of the NDC, and the strengthening of South-South cooperation.

The project, which is funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Environment Ministry (BMU) through the UNDP as Executing Agency, has 4 components:


  1. Strengthen the capacities of different actors and institutions at national and regional level.

  2. Provide technical assistance and support strategic mitigation and adaptation projects.

  3. Establish a transparency system MRV shareable with other African countries.

  4. Strengthen South-South cooperation and support the operationalization of the Blue Fund financial mechanism.


4C-FAO Project

This small project, resulting from the former 4C/FAO/MEME Project, focuses on capacity building related to access to climate finance, with the development of a guide to access to climate finance for a better support of the different actors in accessing the different dedicated funds.

In this sense, this project will provide technical support to the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environnement and 4C Maroc as part of the capacity building of the various partners, particularly in the following areas:


  1. The development of a Training Plan on Climate Finance and a guide to access to climate finance.

  2. Capacity building of Moroccan territorial actors in the integration of climate change into local planning and access to climate finance.

  3.  Capacity building of Moroccan and African actors for access to dedicated funds through the organization of a regional workshop.

Projects supporting 4C Morocco

Cooperations & Partnerships of 4C Maroc

The cooperation agreements signed by the Climate Change Competence Center (4C Maroc) are aimed at exchanging experiences, integrating Morocco into international processes of reflection and operationalization and the beneficial support of partners both bilaterally and multilaterally.

The national climate change policy can not be conclusive without the combined efforts of the different components of society. Partnership is therefore an essential mechanism in this policy. The 4C Maroc makes it possible to mobilize the different actors and to federate their efforts for convergent actions in the service of the fight against global warming.

Cooperations & Partnerships
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