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Research expertise & training platform (CREF)

About CREF

Who we are?

The organizational structure of 4C Maroc includes a Research, Expertise and Training platform (CREF) whose main role is to provide scientific support to the development of climate policies by providing elements allowing better decision-making, as well as to strengthen and mobilize Moroccan competencies in the field of climate change.

In complementarity and synergy with the climate change ecosystem in Morocco, the CREF:

  • Federates R&D, expertise and training efforts in climate change

  • Orientates scientific research in climate change by taking into account priority themes

  • Supports Moroccan teams in international negotiations

  • Mobilizes national expertise to support national climate policy

  • Strengthen Moroccan climate expertise on the international scene

Missions of the CREF

Ensure an exhaustive and sustainable knowledge of the state of research on climate change in Morocco

Improve knowledge of climate change aspects: Assessment, modeling and identification of mitigation or adaptation means

Support the concretization of research / expertise by ensuring that projects can find outlets for their implementation in the field

Improve the scientific and technical content of national reports in coherence with international models and standards

Ensure internal / external communication to raise awareness among stakeholders, actors and decision-makers regarding the risks and opportunities linked to CC

Members of CREF

The CREF brings together representatives of the various public, semi - public bodies, private companies and non-governmental organizations members of 4C Maroc who are active in the areas of expertise, research and training in the fields of environment and climate change.

The platform can also bring together representatives of universities, schools and higher or technical training institutes whose training and/or research programs include an environmental or climate change component.

Inscription on the expert data base of 4C Maroc

One of CREF's major missions is the deployment of Moroccan expertise and skills in CC at the national, African and possibly international level.

If you and/or your institution would like to be part of the database of 4C experts in CC, please fill out the forms below.

Register for individual experts

Register for institutions

A validation committee will review your application prior to final acceptance on the database.


Training area

Capacity building for climate change actors

The training courses provided by 4C Maroc and its various partners are aimed at relevant actors active in the fight against the adverse effects of climate change. Their actions can be situated in the framework of adaptation, mitigation, finance-climate or preparation for international negotiations. These actors are mainly from the public sector, but the private sector and civil society can also benefit from our trainings.

You will find in this section the training catalogue of 4C Maroc, training modules, summary sheets of the training courses carried out and announcements of webinars and online training courses.


The president of the CREF is IRESEN (Research institute for solar energy and new energies) and the vice-presidency falls to IEA – International Institute for Water and Sanitation.


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